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Click a letter from the alphabetical list further below to ‘jump’ to a University Sikh society listing. Please note that this directory is NOT a definitive list of University Sikh societies! It stores the website and Facebook link of a Sikh Soc as well as their annual report IF they have agreed to publish such information here.

To send us your Annual Report for publishing, please send us a message in the first instance giving us some brief information about your university Sikh society and position, following which we shall arrange to upload your report as a PDF file.

Please note you are not affiliating yourself with or by publishing information here – this website is wholly independent and not in any way an umbrella body.

The following 2 files are available to download and share so that your university Sikh society can publish an annual report. Right-click and select ‘Save target as’ to download the file for reviewing.

University Sikh Society Annual Reports

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Updated: 3/12/2022

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The Club

The Club

The Club

Are you studying at University but want to develop skills more applicable in everyday work? Do you want to network with other Sikhs and experience how to work for the greater good?

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