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Inter-Uni Games Day

Our inter-uni Sikh soc games day brings together students from around the country to compete against one another in a series of challenging games! We’ll be hosting a chess tournament with both a student and soc winner (latter based on points accrued); a debating contest for both individuals and teams; a team-based contest covering general knowledge, Sikhi knowledge, practical skills, and performance; and finally an escape room challenge! Get your Sikh soc ready to enter on Sunday 3 December 2023!

Inter-Uni Sports Day

Our inter-uni Sikh soc sports day provides students with a competitive environment in which to test themselves against their peers whilst coming together on the day to network and socialise. We offer tournament-based football, netball, singles badminton, doubles badminton, and individual-player games on the day. It is a fantastic day for all who compete, so prepare yourself and your soc for Sunday 3 March 2024!

Other Events

Sikh Socs Freshers Fair

Freshers Fairs are eagerly anticipated at the start of the year, and the annual Sikh Soc Freshers Fairs are no different – find us giving away freebies!

Student Skills Day

Gain skills needed to run your Sikh soc and plan the year ahead well in advance – open to Sikh soc executives as well as regular members.

Laser Tag Day

Join other Sikhs for a huge laser tag battle every autumn – as the nights darken and the weather gets colder, find your trigger finger and come let off steam!


"Sports day was brilliant - more Sikh socs need to come!"

student from Queen Mary University of London

  • ★★★★★

"Skills Day was really useful and will help us for the year ahead and I loved the gifts!"

student from University College London

  • ★★★★★

"We got a paid-for Nandos meal... love"

student from Kings College London

  • ★★★★★
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The Club

The Club

The Club

Are you studying at University but want to develop skills more applicable in everyday work? Do you want to network with other Sikhs and experience how to work for the greater good?

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