Inter-Uni Sports Day

 ਇੰਟਰ-ਯੂਨੀ ਖੇਡ ਦਿਵਸ


The Inter-University Sports Day is being held on Sunday 3 March 2024.

Which sports will there be?

  • Football (mens)
  • Netball (ladies)
  • Badminton (mixed singles)
  • Badminton (mixed doubles)


What is the purpose of the sports day?

The inter-University sports day aims to provide an environment where members of Sikh societies in Higher Education can engage in a friendly, competitive environment close to the occasion of Hola Mohala. Students can expect to compete against one another, but also network, develop friendships, and build trust within their generation of Sikhs.

Can non-Sikhs attend and compete?

Any person who is a member of your Sikh soc can attend and compete regardless of background however they must have been a member throughout the year – not brought in to compete at the tournament. All competitors and attendees will be expected to participate in every facet of the day including the Ardas and Hola Mohalla associated activities.

Can I attend if I don't compete?

Student members of your Sikh soc are permitted to attend; the same rules apply as to competitors so non-Sikh soc members will not be permitted on site. No non-students will be permitted to attend at all, other than those involved in organising and umpiring the day’s events. Spectators, like competitors, must be on site by the notified start time – nobody will be allowed onto the site after that time without exception as the day launches with the Ardas which everybody must be present for. Competitors and spectators will be allowed to leave whenever they so choose but cannot return once they leave.

What food or refreshments will be available?

There will be limited free snacks on site, however we recommend competitors bring their own lunches and snacks. Consumption of food will be in the mess area only. Please bring your own water bottles which we can refill with still mineral water throughout the day.

What surfaces will we be playing on?

Football will be played on 3G in five-a-side matches. Netball will be played indoors in a sports hall. Badminton will be played indoors in a sports hall. Please wear appropriate footwear.

What do we win?

Each sporting competition comes with its own shield to be returned at the end of the year.


(1) Contact the executive members of your University Sikh society who will register your Sikh soc team in football, and/or netball, and/or badminton singles or doubles competitors.*

(2) University Sikh societies need to register their team as soon as possible by way of an email expressing interest – a short form will then be sent out for your Sikh soc to complete.

*If your University Sikh society is finding it difficult to gather enough members for a complete team, contact us directly yourself and you can compete in a University Sikh soc collaboration team that we will put together of others in a similar position.



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Sunday 3 March 2024

This event is only open to current students who are members of their University Sikh society – strict checks of your University ID will be in place (this goes for both competitors and spectators)
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