9am-5pm, Friday 9 September 2022

For Sikh Soc officers and Sikh students at University who want to develop their organisational skills before University starts for the year!

Join us for our SikhSocs.com Skills Day in central London for a range of sessions that will help you run your Sikh society more efficiently! We have a full day’s timetable of fun workshops and informative presentations on how you can best support Sikh students through your society, alongside how to improve your leadership and teamwork skills. Not only is this a great learning environment, but one where you can network and build connections with others from both inside and outside University. The day is open to any University student who is on Sikh society committee for 2022-2023, or any Sikh student at University who is not part of their committee but wants to develop themselves as part of our SikhSocs.com ‘The Club‘ programme.

  • Free freshers packs for every attendee worth over £100!
  • Lunch, refreshments and optional evening meal included!
  • Giveaway for every Sikh soc represented!

Deadline to register: midday, Wednesday 31 August

Sikh Soc Skills Day 2022

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Southall / Derby

Wednesday 6 / 13 October 2021

SikhSocs.com participated in the Student Freshers and Careers Fairs in Southall and Derby respectively alongside our patron orgs naujawani and the Sikh Education Council. We saw over 250 students over the two nights and gifted two financial gifts to the student groups that brought the most members and enthusiasm to our tables – these were the London-based Sikh student network Nishaan who encouraged all of their eighteen member societies in the capital and the South to attend in Southall; and UCL Sikh Society whose members far outnumbered all other societies in both locations and were the most memorable on the night! Both orgs received £250 each in cash from naujawani on behalf of SikhSocs.com towards their work this year.

Nishaan receive £250!

Nishaan members Arvinda Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Karan Kaur and Kuljot Kaur, with Ranjeet Singh on behalf of SikhSocs.com

UCL Sikh Society receive £250!

UCL Sikh Society members, with Ranjeet Singh on behalf of SikhSocs.com


British Library

Sunday 26 September 2021

For Sikh Soc officers who want to hone their skills before University starts for the year

SikhSocs.com runs an annual Skills Day providing training and inspiration to a range of student society officers and although this hasn’t been held for some time, there was a well-attended event on Sunday 26 September 2021 which was run and staffed almost entirely by SEC volunteers.

Photo showing SEC volunteers Jair Singh and Balinder Kaur presenting to University students