Inter-Uni Games Day

Our inter-uni Sikh Soc games day brings together students from around the country to compete against one another in a series of challenging games! Taking place on Sunday 3 December on the grounds of Singh Sabha Southall (Park Avenue), the day-long event will be an opportunity to network with other students as well as compete against one another.

10am Event 1: chess tournament1st prize £250, runner-up £100

2pm Event 2: team contest covering general knowledge, Sikhi knowledge, practical plus physical skills, and a mystery round – 1st prize £250, runner-up £100

5pm Event 3: debating contest1st prize £250, runner-up £100

The chess tournament and debating contest will be individual based – multiple students from the same soc are allowed.

The team contest requires groups of five students from each society.

Get your Sikh Soc ready to enter on Sunday 3 December 2023!



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