There is no definitive way to run a university Sikh society, nor is there a universally accepted criteria to determine whether you had a successful year. Each individual member’s needs cannot be catered for; similarly, meeting the needs of the many over the few is not the most Sikh-like way to operate. So what can or should a Sikh soc committee do to run at optimum?

Annual Reports

By publishing an annual report, officers of a society are taking responsibility for the commitment that they have made and are inspiring an ideal of accountability for the society which is necessary if there is to be any real year-on-year development. We welcome every University Sikh society to peruse the reports – whether you agree that this is a worthy way to enhance and develop the UK’s Sikh Socs or wish not to publish your own on this site.


Many Sikh Socs have found financial management difficult and it is understandable when one considers the examples set by the community – lavish weddings paid for by loans, indulgent saloon cars parked in a run-down tarmac driveway, multi-million pound Gurdwareh that lie empty unless there is an ‘invitational’ function… It is a harsh truth to accept that for all of the tireless efforts that Sikhs make throughout their lives to work hard and earn money, we are poor at getting the greatest value from it. We aim to help you improve your financial management.


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The Club

The Club

The Club

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