The Club

Are you a Sikh student at University in London who feels that your inquisitive mind needs a greater challenge alongside your higher education? Do you want to acquire new skills and put those you already have to the test each and every month? Would you like to meet other Sikhs who feel the same way and together work for the greater good? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should apply to join The Club!

The Club is a programme for students at University who share a desire to learn more about the Sikh way of life through active engagement with like-minded students. It is a hub where the Sikh activists of tomorrow can meet one another, develop their thinking and learn by doing. The Club will help you by:

    – enhancing the basic skills you need to work in a professional environment;
    – sharing our experiences of the value of different activities and events; and,
    – supporting you to develop both as an individual and members of the Sikh Panth.

Members meet once weekly at pre-agreed times for 1 hour and are guided throughout the academic year by a team of professionals brought together by who mentor members on everything from managing a budget to delivering a presentation. We teach real life skills that you need to have (and are all too often unaware of) that will serve you well once you graduate. Those skills are put to the test as members plan targeted monthly events of the highest calibre, which are evaluated and used as a tool for further learning.

The Club is a valuable experience providing opportunities to learn about leadership, scholarship and networking.

Every member of The Club contributes a vital role to each monthly event and weekly meet-ups. Positions of responsibility are rotated so that every member has the opportunity to see how different elements combine to achieve success. We aim to make every member realise that he or she is a leader in their own right and master of their own destiny.

University students have a varied workload from degree to degree, but we make a point to remind all of our members that their studies must come first. Members of The Club are supported so that they work hard in their higher education studies and learn to manage their time effectively to meet the commitments that they have made.

The strong friendship and respect that exists between members is an important part of The Club experience. By depending upon each other throughout the year, members develop a deep and unique bond with one another. These are peers who you can expect to go on and work alongside throughout your adult life in Sikh circles.

We are now inviting applications for membership of The Club in 2013-2014.
Only five members will be accepted this year. Apply using the form below; deadline: midday on Saturday 31st August, 2013. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within 72 hours. Successful applicants will be formally introduced in early September.

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