Sikh Studies course

University students have a busy time juggling their primary studies, sports activities, social lives and possibly even employment. However, there is no better time to contemplate serious study of the Sikh way of life than when you are in higher education. Each student is unique, but generally the circumstances, mindset and peer group of university students is the most conducive to serious study.

As a Sikh soc, if you were to offer Sikh studies as a course with a dedicated tutor, you would be doing your membership and the wider community a great service. However, most university Sikh societies and officers would find this a difficult and probably unnecessary use of time, particularly with regard to the difficulty in sourcing a tutor or material. This is where we hope to help! has developed a simple, engaging Sikh studies syllabus that can be taught over a 14-week period for just one hour a week. Minimal time is required for reading and writing assignments outside of class and we have tutors who are both qualified and willing to convene the course in different areas. We fully understand that there might only be a few students wanting to take the course (if any at all) and so are happy for societies to collaborate and jointly take on the course with nearby university Sikh socs. Further still, if a student from a university Sikh soc undertakes the course as operated according to our syllabus with a tutor of our choice, they have the opportunity to write a dissertation during the summer break and receive a financial reward.

If you are interested in offering the Sikh studies course please look at the syllabus overview below. You are free to use this document as a base and offer the course yourselves as you see fit, but obviously we will not be able to support you in doing so. If your university Sikh soc would like to offer the Sikh studies course please send us a message as soon as possible so that we can discuss how to proceed.

Sikh Studies course syllabus [PDF file]
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Following three successful years of the Sikh studies course, we are now offering a 2nd Year of modular studies for students who have successfully completed the course. Eligible students will be invited personally to take up Sikh studies year 2, but should a student who thinks they are eligible not hear from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.