Freshers Week is an important time to promote your Sikh Soc and register new members. Your fresher’s stand, promotions and general approach throughout the early weeks of university go a long way towards encouraging fellow students to be a part of your uni Sikh soc. The way you speak and conduct yourself will set the standard by which not only you, but other Sikhs will be judged by those who see you. Remember to be polite, tolerant and welcoming throughout, keeping in mind that you are representing your Sikh soc and Sikhi itself!

Freshers Packs

Freshers Fairs are all about freebies and Sikh Socs should have a good pack to distribute to those who sign up to join your society. We have compiled a FREE freshers pack available to University Sikh societies to distribute to their members – however it is only available if an officer from your society attends our Sikh Soc Skills Day. This year the pack includes:

Wall-planner for September 2022 – August 2023
2 x Sikh information booklets
Sikh-inspired postcard
Sikh-inspired poster


Freshers Stands

Every Sikh Society that is represented by an officer attending at our Sikh Soc Skills Day will receive a number of promotional items to help them stand out from the crowd at the freshers fair (and beyond at your on-campus events!) These include:

‘Sikh Society’ banner
Display board