University Sikh soc discussions are renowned for all of the wrong reasons. Anyone who is even related to a student who has been to a Uni Sikh soc discussion will be all too familiar with the same problems arising time and again: domination of the conversation by a minority, going off-topic, or some students not even talking at all. Beyond this is the much greater problem of students who speak with authority in a discussion when they cannot provide a source for their information.

However, when discussions are facilitated appropriately by students themselves, they can be a great way to increase participation amongst all members and encourage learning of the Sikh way of life. Follow our guide below and download our discussion plans to facilitate great conversation and learning in your University Sikh soc.

  1. Planning. Prepare for a discussion event like you would any other event. It should never be a last minute back-up for Sikh soc. Send some pre-reading on your chosen discussion topic to members so they can come prepared to discuss.
  2. Facilitate. Chair the conversation and keep it relevant to what you are discussing. It might be best for one person to do this alone and nothing else; not even to offer any personal views or opinions, just to ask questions, direct the conversation and provoke discussion.
  3. Keep to time. Allow everyone in the room good time to offer their thoughts and ensure the session finishes at the stated time. It can be tempting to continue when you are having a good discussion, but don’t risk spoiling what you have achieved. Keep them wanting more!

Discussion Plans

Right-click and select ‘Save target as’ to download the files below.
Nagar Kirtan [PDF file]

The Institution of Gurdwara [PDF file]