The Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference seeks to bring Sikhs and non-Sikhs working on Sikh-related issues to an annual conference that unites a breadth of graduate expertise. From academia, to health, law, and business entrepreneurship, the conference will bring together a wide array of disciplines and scholarly interests to create an institutionalised channel to present papers on research, and informal circuits or networks for continued discussion. Inviting submission of abstracts, the two-day conference elicits proposals on various aspects of Sikh economic, political, health, cultural, and social life.

Following the inaugural conference in 2010, students will be congregating at California State University, East Bay area, USA, in late February 2011. We strongly urge Sikh soc students at universities in the UK to consider proposing a paper for the conference or attending if they can afford it. More information can be found at:

Sikholars Sikh Graduate Student Conference