A Sikh turban – ‘dastar boonga’ – worn over a century ago by an ‘Akali’ warrior is going on display in Room 3 at the British Museum from 17 February – 17 April, 2011.

The exhibition was curated by Paramdip Khera and in collaboration with the Sikh Education Council amongst others. If your university Sikh society would like to organise a trip to see the display than please let us know and we can arrange for the curator to speak to you about the turban when you visit.

Whether you let us know or not, we strongly advise you to inform the British Museum that you are visiting with a large group of students so that they can try to make your trip more comfortable or at the very least to log your visit – this will help to inform the British Museum about the popularity of this display amongst the Sikh community and encourage them to display further objects in the future.

The British Museum is open from 10am-17:20 on Saturday-Thursday and open until 20:20 on Friday. We advise you either go during the day, or at a usual Sikh soc meeting time on Friday when the Museum is open to visitors until later.

For more information about the exhibition see the British Museum website.

British Museum Room 3 Turban Display