This is the first year that have offered the Sikh Studies course to university Sikh socs. When we launched the initiative this autumn, we had around 4 tutors from different regions around the UK who would take on the teaching responsibilities. However, university Sikh societies from the London region were the only ones who replied to take on the course and accordingly only 2 tutors are currently involved on a week-to-week basis.

Although our Sikh Studies course will eventually adopt material that is being worked on by another organisation – the Sikh Education Council – at this moment in time it is entirely designed and produced by The Sikh studies course is offered to university students so that they are able to systematically study Sikh history, ideology and culture in a manner that befits higher education. Our syllabus is based on referenced material from writers as diverse as Ganda Singh, Macauliffe, Sangat Singh, Kapur Singh, Cunningham, Professor Puran Singh, Jaswant Singh Kanwal, JS Grewal, Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair… to mention just a few. We are neither based on Missionary ideology, nor Singh Sabha, Sant-Samaaj, Nihang or any other tradition. Our material is always referenced and we hope to give a balanced viewpoint of the different schools of academic thought in Sikh studies.

Between 40 and 50 students have attended the first few weeks of the course in London and have impressed us with their zeal and focus during class. We hope that they will continue to show promise and commitment throughout the next few months and we will update as to their progress on this website.