• You either love internet forums or you hate them;
  • You either have a network of contacts to call upon or you don’t;
  • You either can call random strangers asking for help or you can’t.
  • It can be incredibly difficult to make Sikh soc work. Finding speakers, facilitating discussions and trips, sourcing material or just finding someone to ask for help. Forums, contacts or cold-calling, as depicted above, is not for everyone, but for even the most adept, well-known Sikh soc officer it is still a limited way of helping, sharing and collaborating.

    The SikhSocs.com notice board is a simple-to-use, online space where you can make a request for help to others who are in the same position as you. We at Naujawani.com monitor the notice board for administrative and safety reasons, but also to signpost, connect and assist requests for help.

    The notice board is there for the benefit of Sikh socs, officers and members alike. Use it as and when you need it!