In the past we’ve had events hosted by single universities who invite others but its time to go further. A total of eight University Sikh societies have come together, City, Herts, Imperial, Kings, LSE, Queen Mary’s, Royal Holloway and UCL to host two days of learning networking and relaxing.

Each university is hosting this event equally and it will consist of a Sukhmani Sahib, a homeless feed on the Friday and workshops and a Kirtan night on Saturday. In terms of learning, it’s an opportunity to talk to other Sikh societies properly and discuss how other Sikh societies run and what kind of events they are holding. Exams are coming up soon so it gives students to take some much need time out and relax. It’s also a great opportunity for students to network over the course of 36 hours and go from acquaintances to friends. Most universities will have their committees decided in time for this event and hope we can build a great foundation for next year.

Best of all, we’re showing the world we can work together without external individual or organisations influencing how it is run, hence the tag line, ‘For The Students, By the Students’.