The SikhSocs.com speaker directory consists of people whom we consider appropriate for a university setting. Although people from varied walks of life can make for inspirational and fascinating speakers on Sikhi, this directory focuses on those speakers who have committed themselves to academic study and whom we believe would be best placed to impart wisdom to similarly committed students. It is in no way a denunciation of those speakers who are without a background in higher education and might be valued speakers in their own right.

To be listed in this directory, a speaker must be educated to degree level, preferably with a postgraduate qualification or working towards such. Although they needn’t be qualified in a particular field of Sikh studies, they should be able to show expertise in a chosen element. Accordingly each speaker must have an extensive knowledge of their subject, keep up to date with related developments and have conducted original research on topics in their chosen field. Although it isn’t a requirement, all speakers in this directory have published their research findings in books, magazines or journals. They have excellent communication skills and the confidence to lecture to large groups of students.

This is NOT a definitive list of speakers, but is being added to continuously, and only holds information of speakers who have agreed to publish their information with us. We cannot guarantee that they will be available to speak or that they will reply. To contact a speaker, fill in the form at the foot of this page and your message will be forwarded directly to your chosen speaker. Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply.
Paramdip Khera – Museum Curator
Specialist topics: Numismatics (Sikh coins); Sikh collections in museums; 18th century Sikh history
Paramdip gained a Masters in Asian Art and Archeology at SOAS and is able to read Persian, Arabic and Punjabi. She is a curator at the British Museum and her work has been widely published.

Harwinder Singh Mander – Web Editor & Digital Producer
Specialist topics: The Punjab 1849-1947; Sikh culture
Harwinder established and runs Naujawani.com, Sikh and Punjabi broadcaster on the internet. He has written for the New Statesman, BBC Radio and is editor of quarterly publication Sikh Sunehan.

Ranjeet Singh Shahi – Architect
Specialist topics: Sikh architectural history and heritage
Ranjeet studied Architecture at the Universities of Manchester and Melbourne, authoring a dissertation focusing on Punjabi-Sikh architectural, and urban, space-place relations within Britain.

Amarpal Sidhu – Software Engineer & Author
Specialist topics: Anglo-Sikh wars; Sikhs in the British Army
Amarpal is author of ‘The 1st Anglo Sikh War’.

Jasprit Singh – Art Historian
Specialist topics: Conservation, Manuscripts, painting and photography.
Jasprit has been working at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a number of years and in that time has gained a DPhiL. He is able to read Persian and has an understanding of handwriting styles from the period of the Gurus. Jasprit has spoken on many global platforms and has delivered many inspirational talks to young people.

Narvir Singh – Film-maker
Specialist topics: Sikh culture and contemporary comparisons.
Narvir is a talented film-maker and poet who has created a number of popular Sikh-centric parodies, shorts and documentaries. He has been a dedicated student of Sikhi for a number of years now and has presented at both informally and at conferences.

Parveen Sodhi – Researcher
Specialist topics: 19th century Sikh soldiers;
Parveen works at the Imperial War Museum and also volunteers for ASHT for whom she has undertaken research at the British Library. She gained a masters degree researching Sikh history.



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