A successful Sikh soc needs substance, expertise, funds and guidance. But without Sikh-related content, it’s just another society and won’t fulfill it’s remit. This section goes some way towards offering you that. Here you’ll find free promotional items in our freshers packs for both your members and society; content packs for running your own Sikh soc workshops; and, guidance and directions to facilitate healthy discussions. We have also compiled a list of activities that should keep your Sikh soc members engaged throughout the year in our Ideas Lab; provided Financial Support and guidance; and, offered our Sikh Studies course for teaching at your university.

Are you looking for more ways to entice membership during your freshers fair?  Look no further as is providing free freshers fair packs for you to distribute during freshers week.

As a Sikh organisation there is an understated pressure for university Sikh society officers to get things right. Considering that most officers are either in their late teens or early twenties, this is a big ask. Hopefully we can help.
Sikh soc students at the British Museum
So freshers week is over and you have lots of members. You have two events organised this term – a workshop and a lecture. What do you do the rest of the time?!
The Sikh Studies course
Our Sikh Studies course has run for the last four years and provides students with a class to study Sikh history, ideology and culture in a manner that befits higher education.
The Sikh Studies course
Sikh soc discussions
Well-prepared discussions that are facilitated by students themselves are a great way to increase participation. Follow our guide and download some discussion plans.