Freshers Packs

Freshers Week

Freshers Week is an important time to promote your Sikh Soc and register new members. Your fresher’s stand, promotions and general approach throughout the early weeks of university go a long way towards encouraging fellow students to be a part of your uni Sikh soc. The way you speak and conduct yourself will set the standard by which not only you, but other Sikhs will be judged by those who see you. Remember to be polite, tolerant and welcoming throughout, keeping in mind that you are representing your Sikh soc and Sikhi itself!

We have a limited number of generic Sikh Society banners available that will help to set you apart from other stands. The words ‘Sikh Society’ are emblazoned in bright yellow set upon a dark, navy blue background, underneath a solitary logo – that of a mortarboard to represent the very institution of University education. We also have a limited number of A2 and A3 display boards showcasing some easy-to-digest facts about the Sikh way of life that will help educate visitors to your stall who know little about Sikhs. Both of these items are available for your society to keep permanently, but as previously stated are limited in stock. Apply for these as stated further below.

Freshers Pack

It is common for a uni soc to give out freebies or even a freshers pack to recruit more members and inspire students over the coming year. Many Sikh socs simply don’t have the funds or resources that can provide this, so we have compiled a FREE freshers pack available to uni Sikh socs to distribute to their members. The pack is largely and includes:

  • Wallplanner for Sept.2013-Aug.2014
  • Sikh information leaflets
  • 2 x Traditional Punjabi food recipe cards
  • Traditional Punjabi drink recipe card
  • Bookmark

Paid Members Gifts

Unfortunately we are no longer offering paid members gifts as they were poorly received. If you think that they would be a good idea and should be reinstated, let us know!

Order now!

We have a limited supply of everything listed above so contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please include your name, contact email, contact number, university, Sikh soc role and an estimated number of fresher packs required. You might not receive a reply immediately, but we will provide packs on a first-come, first served basis, so do email through as soon as you can. Packs will be available for Sikh soc officers to collect from in central London from Monday 16 September, 2013. Distant Sikh socs are urged to find officers, members or peers who can collect whilst travelling en route to university through London. The packs will not come individually packed – they will be housed together in an easy-to-carry box/package.