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Financial constraints are generally a misnomer when it comes to running a Sikh Soc. Assembling members for a kirtan/simran session, workshop, or any other gathering is relatively inexpensive; regular sports/social activities within university are considerably subsidised and should be offered to members on a pay-as-you-play basis; arts endeavours, when planned well in advance, can be incredibly thrifty; and celebratory events needn’t be costly… you just won’t be able to replicate your cousin’s £50,000 wedding reception!

However, many Sikh Socs have still found financial management difficult and it is understandable when one considers the role models that exist within the wider community – a lavish wedding paid for by re-mortgaging the family home, indulgent saloon parked in a run-down tarmac driveway, multi-million pound Gurdwara that lies empty unless there is an ‘invitational’ function… It is a harsh truth to accept that for all of the tireless efforts that Sikhs make throughout their lives to work hard and earn money, we are poor at getting the greatest value from it.

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Advice and Guidance

To help those of you who want some guidance, we have prepared a document listing a number of ways in which Sikh Socs can raise money and manage it effectively in accordance with Sikh ideology. The file is available to download and share, and aims to provoke university Sikh societies into making sensible financial decisions.


Over the last two years, has advised a number of university Sikh societies and assisted them with considerable financial support. In the present economic climate in which higher education funds are being cut and students are being asked to spend more, we are finding that monetary investment seems to be an ever-increasing need amongst Sikh socs. To better meet the needs of University Sikh societies across the country we are hoping to help you establish close links to your past alumni.

Our aim is to establish relationships between current and future University Sikh society alumni across the UK. If you were a member of your University Sikh society or since graduating have become more active in Sikh affairs and would now like to give something back to Sikhs in higher education, then becoming part of our alumni scheme is for you. To learn more visit our Alumni section.


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