Southampton Sikh Soc PART 4: The Weekly Meet

Jul 19

We are very a small Sikh society; our events are mainly attended by local Sikh youths and alumni with the only University students attending chiefly consisting of non-Sikhs and the Sikh soc executive itself! Yet remarkably we have had an engaging year packed with numerous discussions, debates, collaborations and seminars, and we even wrote, organised and performed...

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Southampton Sikh Soc – PART 3: Rationale

Jul 11

In our last article we covered the importance of regular face-to-face group meetings for Sikh soc members. These not only build lasting friendships, but also help the exchange of ideas and experiences of the Sikh way of life. It was postulated that there exists a type of weekly event that involves no organising, yet achieves the goals of networking which are so...

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Southampton Sikh Soc PART 2: Simplicity

Jul 02

In our previous article we tried to tackle the definition of a Sikh society concluding that the primary aims should be to facilitate networking, the exchange of ideas and experiences of the Sikh way of life. We also covered the important role played by online platforms such as Facebook in achieving this objective. What next you might ask? Well, online messaging on...

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Southampton Sikh soc – PART 1: Purpose

Jun 30

For many university Sikh Societies outside the traditional strongholds of London and the Midlands, keeping the Sikh society afloat can be a challenge, due both to the low Sikh student numbers and even lack of interest or know how. One year may be relatively successful, but as soon as a few key members graduate the Sikh Society collapses in on itself. For some, this...

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