Annual Report

Annual reports are published in both the private and public sectors to inform stakeholders, investors and associated bodies of the general activities an organisation has carried out over the past year. The document broadly allows a reader to evaluate noted achievements, monitor customer/staff satisfaction, review financial standing and consider those activities that had limited success in realising their outcomes.

University societies are rarely under any obligation from either their institution or an umbrella body to publish an annual report. But for a Sikh society it has immense value and will aid both existing and future students, as well as the wider Sikh community.

It has and continues to be fairly commonplace for incumbent officers of a University Sikh society to instigate a pattern of activities and engagement that they have personally experienced under a previous administration, making a few select adjustments of course that improves on the past. It is not necessarily a ‘bad system’ (if indeed it qualifies as a system) but it is quite clearly flawed and most notably does not take into account the invariable factors that bind student life.

By publishing an annual report, officers of a society are taking responsibility for the commitment that they have made and are inspiring an ideal of accountability for the society which is necessary if there is to be any real year-on-year development. Better still if officers from a University Sikh society were to begin the academic year with a short outline of what they intend to do and why, they could review their triumphs and tribulations in the annual report, which would be much easier to compile.

Publishing the aforementioned documents online is extremely helpful, but not compulsory as privately the document is still of significant benefit to the society officers themselves and those who would succeed them. Accordingly the annual report templates are free to download and share by any visitor to this website. However, through this site we hope to nurture a network of accomplished, independent University Sikh societies whose officers are able to exceed the expectations of their particular membership and develop respectable members of tomorrow’s world. Publishing your University Sikh society’s annual report here for the benefit and scrutiny of others would help to achieve that.